Women, women
Harassed and unsafe,
Subjected to fear
Doomed and targeted
By the ones meant to protect us.

Women, women
Hunted down
Bruised and battered
Raped and killed
What have we done?

Women, women
Forced into marriage
Sold into prostitution
Abducted into slavery
What is our crime?

Thousands of women
All around the globe
Crying in fear
Begging for their lives
Where is your heart?

Women, women
Last to be heard
First to be hurt
Last to be cared for
First to be cursed at

Women, women
Giving out love
Receiving only hatred
Giving out care
Receiving only pain

Women, women
The beauty we give
Through love and joy
The scars we get
Through pain and fear

Is this the freedom we get?
Free to be torn apart
Free to be smashed
Free to be trampled
What is this freedom?