With this I should pour my tears
Pouring them unstoppable
My eyes are full of blood I can’t see
No brain but mortar I can’t think
I just need to decide, I’m tired
With this … let me heal my soul.

It takes time for me to realize
That I’m odd, too much and hopeless
Please, let me heal my soul.
Let me not run away from my decision
Cause this has become my crucifixion
Indeed, I’ve planned to heal my soul.

with a knife I’ve been stabbed
Now I’m in a house with victims
It’s noisy, they lost everything
Trading isn’t possible at all
No pride, nothing, non-functional
With this … let me heal my soul.

This is my last stop, I quit
With nothing in my hands, thanks
I’m in a space for judgments
No justifications, this you’ve chosen
Cause I decided to crucify myself too
With this … let me heal my soul forever.