He who laughs last
says an inspired
SAFM radio caller
of the defender of our morals

He former Youth Leaguer
and loudspeaker-in-general
one Julius Malema a B.A.
has he of you don’t
need to go to Oxford University

He is satirists’ easy target
for his not-too-dazzling
Maths and Woodwork marks
(he did it all for himself)

He is at the ready now
B.A. humbly in hand
(to be mounted CV updated)
so lend Julius your ears

He is educated now
(in the traditional way)
might some of his
nastiness be recanted
(as X-crossing time looms)

He who defended
our emperor-in-the-shower
with the refrain until
the sun came out

(the rape accused waited
She is requesting breakfast
and taxi fare too
after having a nice time)

He who laughs last

A late Wednesday afternoon SAFM caller waxes lyrical; and, a habitual phoner-in – a Polish Reagonite and Pope-ite, amongst other things – reckons “he’s doing it for himself” (SAFM radio, sometime Thursday morning). See, only on page 3 (!), “Malema gets his Unisa BA degree” (Cape Times, 30 March 2016).