Open your eyes and see
The Lord descending down from his dwelling place
Treading in the heights of the earth
Overcoming gravity, for in the Lord there is no such a law as gravity
Now it’s the time for the upright soul’s departure
Fulfilling the most common theme in churches of nowadays

Mountains melt like wax
Valleys split apart
Men of God hurry up, for the is no reason to be vexed
As they meet the Lord in the air and watch hail destroy the earth
Terminating every life that paid no respect to his word
“For it is already written, I respect my words.”

Watch out, sleep with one eye open
The prophecy is about to be fulfilled and time has come
“Jesus Christ is coming back again.”
Those who hear but don’t understand will writhe in pain
Those that see evil but never refrain
Will go out barefooted and naked
Moan like owls
And fail to fly high like fowls
For evil will nail them down to the earth

Behold, he is coming back again
It’s not business that you will bargain from
Respect his word and you will receive the crown of life in return

For at the last hour you will find relief
Fly high like an eagle
And watch the anti-Christ struggle
To the mountain of the lord you will stream
And in the temple of The God Of Jacob dwell
In New Jerusalem and Zion

Behold the time has come
Jesus will gather the remnant of his words
And bring them together to a banquet
A place where grief away will evacuate
And happiness wills sovereignty
A place where Jesus will gather the lame
Souls that had nothing for us to blame
Souls that gave their entire selves to the lord
Will shine and rise with him

Behold the lord will appear over you
On that day, he will sound a trumpet
To show the demise of time
That time men will cry for the baptism of the Holy Ghost
Baptism that Jesus already paid its cost
Baptism that drove 3000 souls to the Lord in act 2
But now people play with it and obey false doctrines
Don’t wait for time to be over