after all the herrenvolk
do not believe that you
are humanity or anything
remotely near to it

(the herrenvolk is no more
long live herrenvolkism)

He didn’t mean (to hurt you)
after all he and the faithful
were potty-trained so

to believe that you
and the others
are sub-human

they follow the lead
of a regime elsewhere
who tattooed and labelled
the perceived Other

The Other The Lesser
The Inferior The Subservient

Put to work
Put in cattle-trucks

Put down
as one would
beasts of burden

(mere hewers of wood
and drawers of water
no maths and science needed
quite axiomatic not so)

He didn’t mean (to hurt you)
just following the line
that is drawn between

He didn’t mean (to hurt you)
as did countless others
Collaborators and Quislings
(who in SA have a hall of fame)

He didn’t mean (to hurt you)