Then what does the word mean
To us? Is a friend someone
To take for granted? Is a
Friend just a friend?

A friend laid down his life
For us. Can you? Can I lay
My life for a friend?
A friend gave us life.

Do you give my friends
Life? Do I put them on
The right track? A
Friend knew us deep
Within our hearts.

Do I know my friends? Do I
Care for my friends?
Do I take care of my
Friends? Do I really know
The meaning of the word
Friend? Yet, He called us
His friends.

Who do I really call
Friend? Those who like
Me? Those who look after
Me? Who is my friend?
He said that a friend
Knows you.

Do I know my friends? Even
If I do know them, do they
Really call me friend? No
Matter what the answer is
I still call you my friend