I have trying so hard to give pleasure to you,
But I am feeling that it’s not enough
Why am I not freely and being
Continually right-conscious?
Why am I so tense and being
Guilty of infidelity?
Tell me O’Lord what is required
Of me to do? Have mercy on me.

I have confessed all my wrong doings,
I have also forgotten myself and,
I believe you Lord have forgiven me
But why do I still feel that is not enough,
Show me O’Lord what I have to do and
Have mercy on me personally,
I believe Lord in your Kingdom together
With your righteousness.

I am still pondering why I am so anxious,
Why am I so strained and worried in
Walking your way?
What it is that I have done and still
Have to confess it? Remind me.
Lord please hear my prayers and
Get rid of all my strains.

Unhide it so that I may know;
Just offer me guidance and solutions,
In all my ways please Lord Guide
My heart against all wickedness,
Lord I am seeking your compassion, Love and mercy
God Almighty! Have mercy on me –that I am you child.