Success requires a great sacrifice
Such hard habits to break
For one to have a breakthrough
In these trying times, so much worth

I’m learning not to touch my face
What an irresistible desire
Is it not a natural instinct
That almost all of us possess?

I’m still learning though
To keep my hands tucked in my pockets
To quarantine their movement
Otherwise other behaviour is inevitable

I have to find my missing nail clipper
So I should not be tempted
And clean hands should be confirmed by a tap
Under the running water with soap

I like this food when cold
I mean even tea I like it not hot
But now I have to learn
To chew even hot charcoal

Some habits I can’t even explain
But I have to break them
If I have to stay safe
Though they are hard habits to break

Hygiene is a virtue
Where did we lose it
COVID-19 has reminded us
For tomorrow’s sunrise, please stay safe!