My feet are cold from the concrete
I lost my shoes parading behind you
With every drop I drank I felt the burning sensation filling me
Filling every part I am trying to forget
This is going to be a long night
It’s cold and I am ready to lose my mind
I am with you, you are with me and we are not perfect
Tonight we remember happiness

Maybe we should slow down
Maybe we should run even more
Maybe we need another minute to feel
Everything is colourful with another bottle
I fall in love even more after every sip
Dripping down my throat we laugh as I choke
This feeling won’t last, but let’s lose ourselves while we are here
Now the world looks like wings on our shoulders
Right now we can’t remember the last time we cried

This second we watch the stars, screaming above our lungs
Music is our healer and we get lost in another song
Sing the lyrics wrong, it doesn’t matter, we are happy tonight
You step on my toes trying to dance
I can barely hold my stance
I am beautifully off balance and you love to see me let go
Let my mind flow, you love to see me laugh
We don’t have such nights, sometimes life feels like a long flight