My words might not be comparable.
I am on the spot to trembles like a
Lighting in the sky. These words are
Not written in the skyline. Coz they
Might fade when the storm occurs.
For I bet they are strongly written
And might not be conquered.

The only dream I ever had at about sixteen
Would be the same dream we could
Share with seventeen. They call this a
Dream after a dreamer. And we should
Call this a streamer. This is a wrapped
Up celebration to be celebrated till the
Endless memory to be shared.

I am pleasing with adoration to your
Born day. The day the queen bore a
Princess like you hey your family was
In admiration to welcome such a princess.
Their love for you was and still is

They named you Lindokuhle. In fact,
They were waiting for goodness. Their
Motives were not about meanness.
And I, Eddie writing this to wish you
A blessed and wonderful day. I ever
Had much but deterrent to say.
Sixteen was a remarkable day.

Where my kicking pains began and my mom
Couldn’t lay. Coincidentally, as I celebrate
Your born day is the sixteenth. I also
Celebrate the pain that led to your birth
On the seventeenth.

Happy born day Lindokuhle!