So that chapter was sort of closed, but now a friend
Sent texts of you and her talking.
You have a girl now
So who did you fake dump for me, dummy?

Lord knows I deserve much so much better than you.
Can’t believe there was a point where I thought you were enough.
I thought you had a soul
Does your girl know about your side agendas or is she your ride or die?
I really hope she doesn’t die riding for your ass.

It’s so easy for a person to lose themselves trying to find a way to prove their love to someone.
First prove your love to yourself so that even if that person leaves you’re still complete.
And why should you have to prove your love to a human being?
I mean they’re not God
They don’t give you life.
A partner should be an accessory to your happiness, something you can do without
Like an earing.

Our society has brainwashed us to a point where if a 16 year old has no bf and is a virgin it’s seen as being abnormal
We’re made to believe that we have to have someone by our side to be happy and complete

I believe being happy comes from the inside
A place where no one else but you and God can reach, and if you’re not happy from within nothing and no else can change that.