A bright star,
I am indeed.
Determined to shine upon the land
From a position up far

I am a hiker
An excellent mountain climber
But each time I ascend
Gleefully practicing my trade
Rocks often fall from the summit
Towards me beneath

I am a beautiful young rose
With a woeful burden
Of growing up in a weeded garden
My beauty engulfed
By scores of weed

I am a talented youth
Born and inhibiting a community,
And part of a society
Where merely having a hot meal
Is a common challenge and goal

I am a gifted child
Severely disadvantaged
Never been privileged
A condition I inherited
From those who came before me
But a state I’m determined to change
If granted a better chance

I possess raw skills and talent
That need to be molded
Nurtured and groomed
Then the sky would be the limit

It is with these talents and skills
By which I will break the shackles of poverty
And strive for prosperity
However I’m part of a community
That lacks resources,
Conducive to my talents and skills

I hope for acts of chivalry,
For someone with sympathetic ears and a kind heart
So I could spit my lament