I’m from a place where relationships are no longer built but bought,
Where a way to a woman’s heart depends on how deep your pockets are,
Where “How much do you want?” is the only language women hear.

I’m from a place where smiles are best faked,
Where I’m fine means I’m falling apart,
Like old guitar strings in a detached on a guitar, souls are broken beyond repair.

I’m from a place where humour is at the receiving end of mockery,
A place where someone’s misfortunes and downfalls are turned into trending memes,
Where humour is no longer humourous if it’s not tragic.

I’m from a place where only a few wake up in wee hours of the morning to work for the bread and butter,
A place where only a few earn salaries and wages,
A place where unemployment dominates, scratch that, RULING is the word.

As hopeless as the world I come from is,
I still have hope that zizojika izinto,
No situation is permanent, Katlehong will serve its meaning one of these days.