Gugulethu is a place where there’s a vibe
Where everyone is enjoying themselves
Everything in Gugulethuus mojo like a mojo burger
Gugulethu us light and bright and everything shines like a golden stone
I can sing about Gugulethu
The name Gugulethu means something
Every Sunday everyone goes to church
No one takes s**t or any mother f***ers in the kasi
Gugulethu is like Tom and Jerry on Channel 302
It’s a kasi that you would love to go to when Tom and Jerry is fighting over food or stupid things Amahle is like the queen of Gugus
She doesn’t take nonsense from no one
I would kiss and tell about Gugulethu
It is so awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I grew up in a wild township called Gugulethu.