I have been constantly blinking
I’m trying so hard to get tears running down my face
But seemingly there are
No more tears left to cry

I even tried scratching my eyes
But I just enter this kind of galaxy
Purple, violet and indigo blue type of galaxy

It just revives memories of bygone days
When he’d hit you, my guardian angel, with a vase
And leave your face full of blueish bruises

I’ve always thought that it was a way of showing love
Because he would wake up the following day and
Ask for forgiveness, say he loves you

As usual you always forgave him
And so, I saw nothing wrong in all he was doing

In your bruises I saw art
Your cries became my everyday sound
Perhaps my lullaby
I found comfort in your arms full of scars
I found love and support in your broken heart

Until one day, he decided to not use his fists
He used a knife
A very sharp and shining knife
Sharp enough to cause a demise

Now you’re an angel
You’re in heaven and I hope you’re at least healing
Continue protecting me my GUARDIAN ANGEL