I remember being a child
Dashing through the fields
Not a care in the world, exploring the woods near by
Chasing after animals that intrigued me so
The magic and mystery of them to my small mind.
Dreams of being a zoo keeper,
Veterinarian, marine biologist
Well they flooded my small existence
Years passed

Life has altered me in ways I can’t explain
Broken and then mended back together
Yet still the same dreams flooded my mind
There is a catch however
The pay would leave me in poverty
Science, you must be good in science
And I am not , nor was I ever
I have to think of my future stability

It’s time to be realistic, not all dreams can come true.
To gain my fix, my temporary drug
I can volunteer
That I have to do
Let that quench the thirst
That childlike dream.
Has to come to an end
For in a perfect world we would all be what we hoped for.