Oh, green grass I can see your loneliness
No one hears your cries
Green grass I can feel your spirit all over the place
But at noon I look at you and go deep into my thoughts
So still, you stand
Not moving unless someone disturbs your peace

Now green grass it’s dawn
No one is around you, you are alone
The streets are so quiet
Green grass you are left all alone!
Where are the cows that grazed on you?
Where are the people who sat on you and shared beautiful moments?

Green grass you stand up for yourself!
Stand up and run away!
Can you see how cruel this world is?
It has left you alone in the cold

Green grass do you cry at night?
I ask because every morning you are watery
We say it’s dew but no, no it’s not!

Green grass shout out!
Tell them it’s your tears
You cried all night, it was because of them
They left you, they left you!
They left you all alone!


This piece of writing was created as part of the WritingMe Writing Clubs with Sophumelela High School, Western Cape. Find out more here.