Something’s weird with the world
The sky is turning black
Clouds are hard as a rock
The sun is nowhere to be seen
I look over the land
It’s covered with black-red fluid
I smell death
But is it gonna be my own?
Maybe a few would be survivors of the fittest
Or just maybe…
Nobody is meant to breathe again
Why is that?

I try to look through the sky
Shout as many words as I can
But Earth never develops sympathy
Or is it one of the victims?
Along with the sun…
Would we all be cold and silent in the end?
Who’s supposed to look after the universe
And lead the new upcoming generation?
Or is there even one?

My folks are frightened as hell
Well…I think I’m one of ‘em
Or am I just curious about the future?
I look around me
Devil’s spirit has hit the globe
Who is to perish?
Who is to elude?
The invisible spirit is in others’ throats
Each host burns like the former sun
Their souls slowly exit God’s temples
Painful drums are played inside their heads
Feeling like they’d just fallen from Earth
Their groans are not to be ignored
We just sit and watch
But mercy is never granted

Is this it
The end of all?
In some hearts there are still visions of the future
But in some even the minds are dead
Where do I fall?
Well I’m not dead
Yes, I will die
But not now
Not like this
I know that
‘Cause I can feel it