Got to be greener
reckons Martin Creamer
he of the Mining Weekly
and Engineering News
which gathered dust
at a place I once knew

This some years back
the times they have
now changed though
the poor are here still
gender-based violence too

Got to be greener
Got to go greener
Green is the new
Green is the fashion

Got to be greener
the country’s biggest
emitters to be exposed
to public scrutiny
(I see he has tweeted)

(apparently it is not just
politicians who produce
all the gas jockeying
for photo-opportunities
and election sound-bytes)

Got to be greener
Got to go greener
the greenhouse gas curve
in need of flattening

It is all our own business
But is it in our own hands

Out South Africa way, Mr Creamer on SAfm radio just before 1300 hrs, 29 May 2020.