Goodbyes are never easy
They usually leave memories behind
Some even leave eyes filled with tears
That flood pillows every night.

At some point we’re all gonna leave
Those tears are just waste ‘cause they’re gonna dry
Even though eyes will still be wet
Goodbyes are part of life.

Let’s accept that goodbyes are part of life
And mop those tears out of our eyes
Goodbyes are painful, they tear our hearts apart
They leave them with unbearable resolutions
But we have to swallow even though it’s painful
It is medicine to make us strong.

People are like the wind,
They come and go
They’re also like a school
They build us and teach us lessons
Once you’ve graduated
Instead of you leaving
They will leave.

Goodbyes are medicine to make us strong
‘cause life isn’t for the faint-hearted.