Bleeding heart
Anxiety mixed with insecurities
She needs a “security”
To guard her heart
She feels hardened
And her stomach constricted
That kind of pain experiencing hunger
But that was not it,
Not because she didn’t eat
And lost weight
The pain she was experiencing
Was the pain of swallowing the wrong pill
The pill of depression
And lack of passion
Lack of succession
Because of the deceit he has
Secretly vowed to do

I swear, her chest burned
The same part of the body
His head would be laid upon
Such an unexpected, unexplainable feeling
Intriguing though
Hard to sow, easy to diminish
And demolish
As funny as I wanted to be
I still can’t laugh at it when it finally leaves
Still blame her?
Her fears
Around her sensitive organ.
The person she kissed
And thought would be in her presence in her lifetime
Gave her the goodbye kiss instead