What kind of witch-craft are you?
What type of devil are you?
What sort of betrayal are you?
What kind of monster are you?
What kind of thorn are you?
What kind of enemy are you?
Your results are very bad!!!

You are the happiness divider.
You are a silent killer.
You are toxic like nitrogen.
You are as dangerous as pure oxygen.
You are the plans breaker.
You are the leader of mesmerized.
You are the dream sabotager.

The way you pretend is astonishing.
You act honest but you’re not.
You are the virus.
You divide families into many halves.
You confuse lovers.

Oh! Goodbye, I fear you.
In you there is no good.
In you there is no peace.
Either there is funeral.
Either there is conflict.
Either someone lost a job.
Hey! Listen, I don’t envy you.

Yes…I will no more use you.
It’s better to say…
Enjoy your moments and be blessed.

When I think of you I boil.
When I imagine you…
I just sink