This poem is personally dedicated to
You were sweet
You were kind
You were a blessing
And you’ve blessed us all!
You left a gap in our hearts
You left sorrows in
Chambers of our minds,

Now that you are gone
Our hearts are bleeding
Our hopes are
Streets of Jouberton are shaken by your death
And Mofatlhosi Secondary School became incomplete
Without you
Our roads are eroded by how you left this
Part of
The world

When our homes were empty without love
Simply poured it in our hearts
It is hard to let go
It is hard to accept
It is painful to say

You played a role in our lives
It was so soon for you to go
We are broken
As if love alone would have saved you,
You were a sister,
A motivator, and a guide
You taught us understanding
And planted roots of love in our own homes

The breeze of water from rivers is no more
The wind stopped flowing from north to south
We are left puzzled in our small dusty homes
Sun and stars no longer give light and hope in this world
Angelic soldiers have left
You were hope for us
You were an icon
And since you are no more
We salute you;

I salute Kelebogile
We didn’t expect you to be gone so soon
Before we knew it
You were gone
And the book of your life was a testimony to us
It inspires us
Our hearts are filled with hatred
Our eyes are filled with blood,
You were kind, through you, I’ve learned a lot
You were a sister, a mother and a leader
Goodbye my sister
Goodbye Noge