I thought it was the end of the world
When you told me that you were leaving
But now I thank the Lord for I’m still living
The pain I bore season to season
I couldn’t understand being left for no reason

The memories were feeding me tears
I couldn’t move on as I had fears
I couldn’t hear anything coming to my ears
I was deaf and blind for years

Even though the sadness wasn’t written on my face
My feelings were lingering in space
I even wished I could find a rocket launcher
To fly high seeking the answer

Is it me or is it love
You said we’ll fly like a dove
But you terminated everything we built
I still took the blame, yes I took your guilt

I’ve learned to thank you for leaving me
I understand that togetherness wasn’t meant to be
I’m fine now, my adrenaline is still pumping
I enjoy every drop from the glass of life that I’m sipping

I am ready to say goodbye