They say time heals but how is that,
Because the pain you caused slowly kills?
Whenever I think about you
I just wanna burst into tears and cry-
The pain and misery you have brought
Makes me wish I could just curl up and die.
I’m still asking, why?
Yet I still can’t find an answer.
You drained all the love I ever had
And you left me all miserable and feeling sad.
My life now is vacant,
Filled with nothing but emptiness.
I feel as though life has lost its glamour and awesomeness.
You showed me a different version,
You are no longer the person-
I used to know.
I’ve asked you so many times if you still loved me
And with no hesitation and with confidence you said yes.
But it’s like you waited for me to turn my back
So that I wouldn’t see
What you were actually hiding from me.
I miss you, I won’t lie
But this time I’m really saying goodbye!