It has been a long time since we’ve laid you to rest
Beautiful grave, father of democracy
Let me cut to the chase
I have come to ask for your urgent/undivided attention
There is a crisis
We are in urgent need of a leader like you
Make a sign to our leaders, show them the right way
We’ve always appreciated your input, great communicator
Help them to shift the focus away from their personal needs
Help them to direct their focus on serving the nation
Talk to them
Teach them your ways
To focus on serving the nation, our nation
For, they crippled the economy of the state
They’ve paralysed the justice system of the country
They’ve divided us as a nation
We now live in a divided nation
I call up on you to rise up
We need a true leader
They are changing the state policies to suit their personal needs
They are continuously abusing the constitution of the country
These are the so-called leaders that you left us with
They represent the state
Yet, they hold the state at ransom
They are captured, still it’s business as usual
Make a way, appear in their dreams
Show them the right way
I’m now paralysed with fear of losing my country, our country, my children, my name and everything that I’ve worked for
We need another Mandela to take responsibility for economic growth of our country
Urge to members of the country to choose the right leadership
Help them pick a leader that can change a society the way you did,
A leader to win back the trust of our people
Fight down barriers of poor leadership
Fight down barriers of desperate leadership
Pursue your dream
Fight tribalism, racism, violence.
Tata, master of diversity
Send us positive influencers to rebuild the nation
To nourish our mind
The nation misses you
Your wisdom, true wisdom
Rise up Tata, rise up