When I first saw you.
You were lying alone in bed.
I watched you praying in silence.
I asked myself what’s happening?
I heard whispers in the corridors
That you have limited time.

I stole your numbers from the information desk.
I drove the whole day questioning myself.
How can a beautiful creature like you deal with that.
I returned to drop you flowers.
But you were sleeping.

I gather courage to call you every day.
To check up on you.
To take you out and travel with you.
Filled my heart with joy.
I knew you were alone in this battle.
Seeing you smile and appreciate my gesture
I knew it was never enough.

I should have entered the room
That moment you were praying.
I should have cried with you in silence.
I could have hugged you
And promised everything would be alright.
How stupid of me, I did not grab the opportunity.

When you kept on postponing
The news you wanted to tell me
I knew your brain tumour
Had taken its toll on you.
I did not want to face this alone.
I wanted the chance to be part of you.
When I arrived with two tickets to Paris and flowers.
I saw people crying in the room.
I felt faced down with shock.
I was too late to spend another minute with you.
You were gone too soon, my Queen.