With a baby on my back
A suitcase of clothes and bags
All heavy wearing me down
A day I will never forget
Thrown out of home at dusk
That night blood became
Weaker than water
That same blood trickling down my foot
Injured and shuttered out on the stoep

You came for me and your grandson
You didn’t ask too many questions
You called and said you were on your way
Yes, that is the way I will remember you
A carrying grandfather to my son
Driving on a darkened night
250 kilometers far, you came
You took me as though I were your own
Offspring during my time of upheaval
You took me to your home and offered safety

A Father figure, Grandfather
A Mentor, an armour of honour
The strength of a kind heart was
Your greatest muscle
You listened and you prayed
You watched and observed
You cared dearly and removed all fear
A clear soldier defeating and defending
Strict and cautious, a mirror of hope
I wish I had thanked you
I wish I had not waited to surprise you
You left this realm just before I could
I never knew it would take you away

Cancer is a silent thief
Making us lose our loved ones in grief
But I refuse to let the memory die out
You taught us the handsomeness of
A gentle spirit, forgiveness and new beginnings
I wish I’d bought you that CD you wanted
It could have been, would have been great
This is what I do promise to do
Hold the light that you shone in my life
Open my own home for those
Fearful and rejected, give them that hope,
Safety and security as your soul rests