We created memories and shared life experiences
We were so close like a finger and a nail
We knew each other so well
Sadly, that was then
Gone are those days

I left you, you left me as well
I always thought things were okay
But now I am starting to realise that you are really absent
We are far away from each other,
By hearts, souls and bodies
I miss you dear friend

We drifted apart, and I always made a promise
That one day we will be close again,
Like the particles of matter in a solid state
I kept procrastinating and always thought the timing was wrong,
Because I actually realised that you seemed to be happier without me
Little did I know that I left a gap in you
that nobody can ever fill.

Dear friend
This is high time I packed my staff from
this place called “far”
This is high time I decreased the distance between us
I am coming back to my sweet home, to you
I am on my way