You make me feel like GOLD.
I’d be insane to say, no
Whatever you propose.
You and I were predestined long ago.

Every time I see you
There’s always something more
You could be the one
If not, my heart would be sore.

This is my heart that I pour
This is my confession
I have won
This is my best song.

Can’t wait for us to be alone
Can’t wait to be in your arms
Feel warm
We’ll talk.

Convince each other to trust the flow
Share our experiences of where we’ve been before
Share what we secretly pray to God
See each other’s mistakes as lessons, not faults.

Not judge each other for our falls
But instead heal and help close those painful doors
Lift each other when we need it the most

It’s a new day coming forth
Help me see my past as gone
I’ll help you be a better man moving forward

You and I were meant to meet at this very point
God has a way of making dreams come true
As long as we trust His Law.

I’m thankful to The Lord
For everything that I considered to be bad before
I was wrong
What a blessing it all has been.

I made a decision to let go
To be alone
This was not long ago
Little did I know
That today you’d have me feeling like GOLD
Shining and matured
Having fallen in love with my own soul.

You are the reflection of possibilities I believe in
You are my home
I’ve given it much thought
My heart, my mind is sure
I welcome you also to your abode.
I am your home
My lover