Shaping my level of maturity, fine wine becomes older, the world evolves, I swear the earth is getting colder, frostbite, loved ones will never get an inch of my cold shoulder
My vision matches the words of Maya in size
Like dew off the grass watch me rise

My humanity almost an Achilles heel, negative opinions knocks me down affects the way I feel
I was never destined to be as flashy or fancy as a diamond
Time, patience, hard work, fine-tuning, search thoroughly, dig deeper I’m rewarding to my miner
Like gold on a shovel watch me rise

Captain of my ship, William Ernest Henley
Encouraging youth to get aboard, be willing, honest, treat prayer like the wind in our sails, a bright future attracts envy
and if Jesus needs me back it’s all good, at least I used his present in the present, at least I spoke my truth
Even then the angels will watch my soul rise