His words are strong enough to wake me up from my dreams like he
Did with Samuel, as he was asleep for his words are strong and powerful.
As he calmed the storm with only two words, on the Sea of Galilee.
His words are respected by both living and non-living things here on earth.
His words are joyful music that vanishes anger out of our sinful souls for
Us to dance like King Saul, who danced to the flute that was played by Samuel.

Like phagocytes, his love is strong enough to engulf my cunning fears, for
They say “love one another as you love yourself”
Like a sunshine, his love can rise in the atmosphere to brighten up my days.
So as to allow happiness to majestically migrate into my life.
As Satan tries to harass my life, with all fancy things created by human kinds,
He is busy flowing through my veins, like blood that moves from the heart to different
Parts of our body. On top of it, like the heart that pumps blood to different parts
Of my body, God is my heart that pumps his words of wisdom in my life for
Me to grow spiritually, and tall like a blue gum tree, and even everything in his words
Like a baobab tree.

As people worry and regret about the wrong things people did to them, fake
Friends, they have wasted their times with, all the wrongs they did in the past.
I spend most of my times tirelessly worrying about the uncountable times I
Haven’t done his word, followed his words, disobeyed them, misinterpreted
Them, taken them as privilege and even used them to achieve my own desires here
On earth. I just regret that I have created my own hell here on earth, though it is not
Visible in my own eyes. I feel like I have created my own Sodom and Gomorrah
Here on earth. All I ask from my living God is his forgiveness, I have sinned in different