Believe me God is happy with you for not keeping what you have for yourself
He is happy to see your great love for others than that for yourself
He smiles because of your spirit of sharing and kindness
Which is contributing to the need their daily happiness
God is happy with you
God is happy to see you leaning on nothing but the bible teaching
He is proud of you for perceiving that philosophy is now misleading
On His throne he smiles to see your strong trust and faith
Faith and trust build in him not treasures of this earth
God is happy with you
God is happy with you for taking the gospel throughout spread
Strengthening the tired and weak to no more wish they are dead
He is happy with you for not giving up making the words of those oppressed heard
And for letting nothing else but love to take lead
God is happy with you
Believers God is happy to know you’re standing still
He smiles to see you prioritizing nothing but His will
And that you’re so kind and caring to even sinners
Trust me He is exciting upon seeing you heaven winners
God is happy with you
Now hear me you born again in christ christians
To His sight you’re no more foreigners
He is happy seeing you no more sinning
And He excites not only that you’re no more unforgiving
But also that you’re now with pure intentions living
God is happy with you
God is happy with you parents for treating your children fairly
And mostly for teaching your kids morals and prayers early
So they grow knowing that in everything prayer is the only cure
And also that God responds to prayers of people who are pure
God is happy with you
Attentively listen to me now my sister and brethren
For our strongest desire to make it in heaven
God is urging us to remain faithful to all his word
For the time is very near for us to have the awaited feast with christ the Lord
God is happy with you