It’s how I see it,
I mean have a look at it,
Think about it
Gather facts and reason about it.

God is a woman
Satan a man
A man that only thinks of himself and
No one else,
It’s either you give him what he wants or else…
God is a woman
Satan a man.
A man who’s not afraid to kill his own children,
Wife and everyone who questions his doings.
A man with no backbone who can’t even keep his promises.
Wouldn’t take the fall for anyone,
Not a man of options
It’s either you or yourself…
You go down alone.

But with God it’s a different story
You find peace with just saying I’m sorry,
She is one of a kind,
A woman to put in heart,
Soul and mind,
A Mom that loves all her children equally and
Would do anything to make sure they are safe
Even if it means losing her mind.

Reminds me about a story of a boy
Who lost his eye at a young age
So his Mom made a sacrifice to live with
One eye and give one to her son
So other kids wouldn’t make jokes out of him.
My question is if it was a man, would he have done the same?
I guess we all know the answer because God is a woman,
Satan a man