You were a rose in a glass prison.
I am loving your beauty every second of the day.
It has a magical spell on my vision.
I am loving your light.
You are self-raised, I admire that about you.
Your strength and struggles
Are shown on your petals.
And so is your beauty through your smile.
Now that I am here.
You are the flower I need to protect.
I can take the pain off your shoulders
And keep it inside of me.
The strength you bear is unbelievable.
The beauty you bear is untouchable.

You are my responsibility, you can count on me.
There is a lot you could do out of this glass
I fear you stepping out and dying on me.
I fear your petals falling one by one.
I fear you leaving me the most.
There is nothing that could replace you in my sands.

I might be old fashioned, but
I want to know you better,
Get to know what kind of light you feed on.
Will my light be the right light for you to feed on.
Will my tears be enough for your roots.
I have kept dog ears for your voice.
Command me and I will be yours.
My clouds will rain on you
And open up a hole in the sky
For the light to shine on you.
But why did I let you out of your prison.
Now my garden isn’t as beautiful as before.