What’s given is a lot to face,
We can be happy one day,
And be facing a lot of challenges in many days,
It all makes us think of not continuing but quitting,

Yes, because it’s a challenge,
It will be difficult to face all that,
Life will change so quickly,
We will feel empty and broken,

Being grateful doesn’t mean
That everything is necessarily good,
You don’t have to swallow your tears,
Do more positive than giving up,
Express sincere gratitude,

Always believe in yourself and
Always stretch yourself beyond limits,
Your life is worth a lot more than you think
Because you are capable of accomplishing more than you know,
You have more potential than you think,
The fact that you want to give up is just a nightmare
Because you’ve been in situations where you thought
You’d never make it out and you did because
Yes, you are worth it.