She said, “Cry me a river,” so I cried her an ocean.
I gave her my heart just to show her my devotion.
Never liked what she saw in the mirror so I told her she’s perfect.
“I wouldn’t go through all of this trouble if you weren’t worth it.”
She said, “Help me see clearer,” so I gave up my sight for her.
Even gave up my aura just to ensure there was light for her.
She felt the walls coming near her so I told her stay focussed.
Opinions from total strangers are completely worthless.

For her I put in all my blood, my sweat and tears.
Let her see me at my weakest, I let her know all my fears.
So could someone please explain to me why she is not here.
Did I lift her up so high that she disappeared?
I gave her love when the world gave her nothing but hurt.
Let her know she was special, made sure she came first.
But now that she’s complete, she’s moved on; she leaves me in the dirt.
Forgetting that for her I put my life through famish & thirst.

I still remember how she use to tell me it would be ‘forever’.
I still remember when she said we’d make it through ‘whatever’.
But when ‘whatever’ came, she threw it all away with no hesitation.
She drew me closer with her lies, deceit and manipulation.
She made me believe our love had no limitations.
She made me fall deeper in love when she knew all she felt was infatuation.
Filled me with joy, serenity and hopeful expectations.
Just so she could rip my heart out and bask in the satisfaction of my humiliation.
This pains me a lot to say but her ability to string people along deserves glorification.
And to all her upcoming victims, I wish you all good luck and congratulations.

My heart can’t heal from all these wounds so I just keep it frozen.
My mind still recites all the words that were spoken.
I can’t help but hold on to the promises that she left broken.
I always hear bits and pieces of our memories
In the lyrics and melodies of every single love song.

Even though I try not to say a word of it, I lose myself in the moment a little bit
And end up singing along.
Whenever I get lost in the sheets of other lovers,
My heart desperately discovers that next to her
Is where it will always belong.
Every single time another girl’s lips are pressed against mine,
Shivers come running down my spine because
Loving someone who isn’t her feels so wrong.

Even with my heart shattered & broken, every single piece of it still loves her.
I keep the door of our past open, just in case the odds of her loving me again occur.
Although I can’t wait for the day that our memories are a blur.
A version of life where she still loves me is something I’d prefer.

Maybe I was just a fool in love.
A fool who took part in something he knew nothing of.
A fool who gave his all not knowing that he’d never be enough.
A fool who vows to never ever fall in love again.
’Cause all people ever do is lie and pretend,
That they’ll love you till time meets its end.
But that’s just one of the lies this granitic generation was taught to spew.
And if your lover’s actions don’t match the words they say to you
Then you are just like me – ‘SOMETHING TO DO WHEN THERE’S NOTHING TO DO.’