I can still hear your heartfelt laughter from the day before.
There I stood, with tears in my eyes, arrested by the feelings
Of agony once left undestroyed in the past.
My energy drained from the old lamentations of my soul,
Helplessness hovering over my being like a four-dimensional shadow.
And yet you laughed.

Girl in the mirror,
As soon as my eyes caught your reflection and beheld
The newly found paleness of your skin; swollen eyes
And runny nose, you laughed.
It ought to be a sad sight and yet it wasn’t.
Boldly you mocked my pains, with a sound enriched by fulfilled humour.
You found comedy in my distress, in my fears,
At my worst and darkest, you found comedy in it and laughed.

Girl in the mirror,
You left no room for me to host a pity party,
Neither did you leave any for my wailings
Which longed to be released to proceed further.
With your daring laughter you took up the entire space,
Adorning it with light.
You laughed, most happily so, you laughed.
And in your laughter I discovered a melody
Which enthralled my soul into a dance,
History carries not and the present knows not.

Girl in the mirror, I feel whole.
The despair, emptiness and incompleteness. You laughed it all whole.
Girl in the mirror, I greatly delight in being you and I urge you to continue.
Continue to laugh me whole.