Don’t confuse me
with a Facebook comedian.
In search of obedience,
I found myself lying
in a bed full of thorns,
buried alive.
I don’t mean to be mean
but their ‘good jokes’
are doing far better
than their actual lives.
You can tell by a number of likes.

Never walk barefoot
in a world full of thorns.
Thorns don’t only come in the form of thorns.
Remember Game Of Thrones?
Well, everybody wants to own a throne
on the internet
and would sacrifice their sacred norms
for a million likes.
I mean, the likes
of Zodwa Wabantu
who never succumbed to ‘Bantu’
education, only to give in to nudity.
“At least she’s monied
more than I am.”
I remember Uncle Same once said,
“It is not money that will bring out the best
in your kids,
but rather your teachings.”