Like a mosquito that
hunts for blood on a
human body when the
light goes to sleep,
I shall search for your
love in every valley of your life.

Like an airplane that flies
in the atmosphere while
waving to the smiling clouds,
My heart shall fly over the oceans
to marry your heart
for it is beautiful like a rainbow.

Like botanical gardens
that beautify our society
with sprinkling flowers and trees,
I shall beautify your life with love
For it was desperate for love
like a desert that is abandoned by trees.

As your life hopes for a
better tomorrow with a happy family,
My life shall be the pending
husband to fully flood
your life with an everlasting love.

Like Victoria Falls that never
gets tires of showering its
waters on the lower side of its feet,
I shall never get tired of loving you
For you are my maker of love.