We knocked at your door
And you welcomed us with love.
You comforted us and we felt at home.

You awaken our dead spirits to life,
You plant our hearts with joy, love and peace
You inspire and motivate us every day and anywhere.

All our evil thoughts and spirits are blotted out and you give us hope
You title us as Authors, where no one else ever believed in us
You turned the impossibility to possibility
By giving us a chance to express our thoughts and emotions

You let us be ourselves and do what we love
You let us live our dreams without questioning
With you we grow inside out

We are now free in spirit and we are going as far as we can
To become the change we want to see in this world

Without you
Some of us would have given our dreams and life to the grave
You made me the person I am today

And I am thankful
It is only five months being with you
And I do not regret stepping to your door

You are my life,
My world,
My universe
My everything

But where have you been all my life?