Fun is with FunDza
Fun is on FunDza
Fun is at
Funda with a smile
Read to broaden your mind
Knowledge is not just for me
Wisdom is for you and I

If you can’t go to the library
Their library comes to you
The library is too far away from you
Now it is within your fingertips
Get assisted with life saving tips
Shelves on software,
Books on software,
No complications,
Every day it is updated with new stuff

I am telling you so you can tell your friends
To tell their friends that they too
Must tell their other friends that
Monday to Monday
Read till you know
Read the unknown
Stories on earth

Nonfiction to fiction
Everything is in function,
Motivating, uplifting, empowering
With selfless dedication
Through reading and writing
Your engine empowers us,
Educating while entertaining
Your rating and commenting
Is a push to the writers

Come and visit the site,
Come and explore
Nice and new, everyday there’s more
It is merrier when we are more
Tell everyone to come on
An app is available for free
On play store

Illiteracy is a disease
That we are trying to cure
Writing and reading is an addiction
We don’t want to cure
FunDza, revolution of reading and writing

You want to ride along with us