Be black and proud, for you
Know the true meaning “umuntfu
Ngumutfu ngebantfu”. Children
From the ghetto rise with your
Respect and love show this
World what we mean when we
Say “Tandla Tiyagezana

Listen to your parents!
Listen to your teachers!
Listen to your preachers!
Show every parent lugotjwa
Lusenanti lungona luyephuka.

Perhaps some parents will
understand you may never
Teach an old dog new
tricks children from
the ghetto you have
Nothing! So live up!
Keep up! Dream high!

So wake up and show this
World true meaning of
“Ubuntu”. Children from
the ghetto take pride in
What you do.

Your little talents may
heal this broken world,
show this world that
The contextual environment
you live in has nothing
To do with your brains
but your brains has
Everything to do with you.

Children from the ghetto
Be young black and beautiful
Like wild berries in the
Forest fill your hearts
With hope like balloons
Floating in the skies
See where you from

“Musa kuvumela likati lilale
Etiko” end poverty take the
route of your dreams and
keep on keeping on Whenever
you lazy bare in mind
“Imbila yeswela umsila ngekulayetela”
so wake up! Rise up! Live up!
because I believe umtfwana
Ngumliba loya embili
because I in you!