Friendship is a strong bond between two or more people
True friends see your sorrow and happiness
And the reason behind your silence
True friends stand beside you, even on your worst days
And stay forever, further than anything
They are precious and rare
But do not trust anyone completely
Trust fully in God, he will never disappoint you

Fake friends deceive, envy, cheat, steal, provoke and pretend
When you fall, they watch you fall
Do not let them walk on you
Believe in yourself
Lift yourself up
Dust yourself off
Put on Vaseline and it will shine like the sun in the universe
The best revenge is to show them you can do better without them

Pray for those who mistreat you and let God do the rest
Evil company corrupts good souls
It is better to be alone than being in bad company
Therefore choose friends wisely
One who walks with the wise, grows wisely

Friends come and go
But not everyone you lose is a loss
Some will misuse you
Some will teach you a lesson
Some will bring out the best in you
And true friends stick close, like a family

Do not seek friends, let them come to you
Do not ask for friendship
Do not beg for friendship
And not everyone you meet is your friend
If someone wants you in their life they will make room for you
You should not have to fight for a spot

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone
Therefore do not let your life depend on someone else
Success is a battle between you and yourself

Whoever has found one true friend has found a treasure to keep
As a good heart makes good medicine