Do you know what it feels like to be left behind?
Losing someone around you in such little time
A slap in the face, I guess that’s the case
Painful words spoken, a bond of friendship broken.

Inside I know the space I had for you
Is crashed and broken.
Yesterday I passed you by,
Shoulders almost touched
Empty laughter
Broken feelings
Inner torture
Sorrowed breathing

Well I must not be sorry
For the encouragement and love I shared
Because I know what I offered was itself a dare,
A dare to let someone be a part of me,
A someone who didn’t find a reason to care

Acceptance of situations is said to be key
But why does it matter if who can’t do it is me?
Unpleasant feelings that made the scar fit
Such a weird definition of friendship.
I desired you dearly and deeper
I guess that’s what made the cut bigger.