Life is never as you wish
Sometimes it’s pleasant
Sometimes It’s awkward
Friends never get satisfied
They come and go

True friends are hard to find
But harder to leave and impossible to forget
You never know how people feel about you
Until you find out their true colors

Friends are good, friends are bad
They make you feel so depressed
Never trust friends because they can go behind your back
They can be friends with your enemies
And share your secretes

If you have something to say
Just keep it to yourself, because
Friends will make fun out of you
If you wanna prosper in life
Concentrate on yourself and not your friends.

Friends will always try to take you down
Be strong and don’t let them take you down
Because if they take you down
They will stamp on you and
Leave you there.

Try always to stand up for yourself
Don’t wait for someone to stand up
For you.