I’m from a place where graduates become skollies,
Where youngsters become drug addicts,
A place where you see youth doing drugs at an early age.

I’m from a place where you get robbed
In front of people but no one is willing to help

Where you become friends nootsotsi.
Where you will see a child in the morning wearing a uniform smoking next to the shop before going to school.

I’m from a place where you can’t go with
your phone to the shop, you will get robbed.

Where you get judged by people without knowing the reason why.

I’m from a place where you fear to go to school because of gangsterism.

Where people will tell you there’s no need for university if you are done with your matric.

Where you get easily judged if you don’t have a child, as if it’s a competition.

I’m from Crossroads in Nyanga