Placards were waved high on the sky
“If we must do Afrikaans then Vorster must do Zulu”
Freedom songs sang like never before
“Senzenina: Mmh mh mmh mh”
Students from all directions met to protest against the Afrikaans language
Enough was enough
It was now or never
Freedom now, Education later

There was no more space for relaxation
The aim was to end the Afrikaans suffocation
Ooh my fellow African population
Yes,it was a do or die situation
Freedom now, Education later

This was getting out of hand
Africans were oppressed on their home-land
Experienced leaders were banned and detained
The struggle was now led by young hungry lions
They knew that too much fear breeds misery to the land
It was Freedom now ,Education later

Then suddenly, Heaven kissed Earth
And this caused death
The police barricaded roads
One warning shot was fired
But students stood still because they were sick and tired
Pistols started their POOM POOM song!
AK47s backed the song with their Bratatata voices!
Teargas occupied the atmosphere like the winter morning fog
Freedom now ,Education later

Smoke vacated the firing guns
Students ran all over like wild-fire on dry grass
Students then untied their belts of peace
They faced lives bullets with stones
Whilst other compatriots lied unconsciously on the ground
The brutal shooting showed no sign of sympathy was around
Freedom now ,Education later

Indeed mercy was needed
Parents peeped through windows to witness mayhem
Public places were on fire
White-owned companies were on fire
Soweto was on fire
The theme was “Freedom now ,Education later”

Seconds ,minutes and hours passed
AK47s were blasting 24/7
Clinics were filled with bloody children
Hospital beds occupied like never before
Mortuary fridges were packed
Undertakers collected dead bodies all over
The Sowetan soil was watered with blood
And it produced fruits of sorrow

Where was peace and harmony?
Where was love and mercy hiding?
Where was truth and justice?