Have you considered the doubt about who you really are?
Or maybe you’re just quite lost as the majority of the present generation.
Well I can’t further finish up because I don’t want to create
Controversy and confusion in your head

It seems everyone is able to express themselves openly
And there you are standing as if you’ve been poured refrigerated water
While your thoughts have been held hostage
By unknowns

The way art has dominated amongst everyone
One would swear that at times like this we need it more than ever
And guess what the artist in me shall live forever

I’ve fallen for words more than for a person
Because I do know there’s more comfort and pleasure
Whilst by a human I’ll be judged and measured
Whereas what I want is love with no pressure

I’ve fallen for music with it calmness
Everything it offers for me to de-stress
And I must say right now I feel like I’ve been blessed

I’ve fallen for paint as it makes me free and loving.
It has made me realise that the world isn’t bad at all,
All I should focus on is the bright side with positivity
And fill it up with creativity
So I can feel the love and chemistry

The love for art has made me open minded
I’ve become a person I’ve been longing for
I’ve gained my confidence in doing what I most love
And do trust me I have no regrets on that

Freedom of expression is what I’m willing to express
In bold words
In bold rhythm of music
In bold creativity and colours
And I do promise you to never let art grow old.