I noticed a smile form in my lips
That have been kissed with lies
My hips widen with excitement
From the pleasure I will receive from nature
I’m about to break my old ties
A new aura surrounds the spheres of my body
A new message from my soul, telling me to get ready
For I am worthy
The juices in my womanhood flow with sudden ease,
For I am to receive everlasting love

I spark the tears in my eyes, from all my old tides
Shows me the nights I was scared
The pain I have born
The rain I have heard
The fears I have had
Now my eyes are open, the darkness brings stars,
And I’m one with the moon
I shine bright in my darkness and am one with my demons,
I have entered a road of no fear
I therefore drop only a worthy tear
For being strong is to accept and be dear with your fear,
Nothing is really clear but acceptance and change is near